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Pray More But Pray to your Ishta Only


Hindus who are devoted to Prabhu normally do it all with love. Some of us do it as daily routine. Most of us do not spend enough time in asking for ourselves from Paramatma. While some of us remember God only if we are in some problem or we want something. However we are told by seers that Prabhu ‘s devotion has to be selfless. It has been taught in our scriptures that we should be desire-less in ultimate state of devotion. This high ideal mold us in a mindset or suppressing the worldly desires and finding bliss in pure devotion. It is perfectly alright for a Sanyasi and Saint.

However if we are living in society and raising a family we do have needs and wants to be addressed a few times if not always. Since we are taught how do Pooja and not to ask fro anything from God, praying for worldly things may be difficult for some of us a times.

More often than not we just say a line or two about our request and then leave it on fate. Howeevr Parama Brahm( Nirgun, Om or any from Shri Ram, Prabhu Krishn, Bhagawan Shiva, Bhagawan Vishnu, Mata Durga) the Supreme soul is essentially in Nirvikar state( Which means that they themselves are desire-less. They need your heartfelt strong prayers to grant you something which you truly deserve or even just a random act of grace.

Abrahamic religion like Christians and Islamist are taught to pray from early childhood. It comes easy for them to ask from their Gods. They do not judge whether they deserve the grace or not but they just ask. During Vedic time we had special Yajans to grant wishes ad to attain the grace of Almighty. In modern times. it is time consuming and some people may not have resources to perform intricate rituals.

However the Prayer itself is an act or connecting with Supreme and hence a kind of Yajna itself. Your devotion and pure heart will the offering to Lord. Try to keep on connecting with Param Brahm with your prayers continuously. One day your prayers will be heard if they truly deserve to be heard. Let Lord decide it by Himself. Thus keeping up this practice of daily Prayer for your wish is very important.


Not just one time but keep up your prayers untill they are heard. Praying less and then blaming Lord is not good but praying constantly and then finally accepting what Prabhu decides is the right way to practice. While praying keep up your efforts in right direction so that your Karma is in sync with your prayers and Lord sees the same thing in your prayers an deeds.

You have to connect to almighty at that level and should take your Ishta’s name for some to establish connection before saying your prayers.

Prayers has to be done to your Ishta Deity only. You might do pooja for many deities but you should ask fro only your Ishta Deity. Bow down and respect to every Deity but Pray and ask anything from your own Ishta deity only. Ishta is like your Divine family.

As a son will pay respect to all the elder relatives but will ask for food from his mother only , if he asks from someone else how will the mother feel same way your every prayer must be with your Ishta only.

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