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Adharam Madhuram: Madhurashtakam Sung by Gabriella Burnel


Welcome to new face of 21st Century friends. Here is a Sanskrit Love song – Feb-14th Valentines day Special . Song is sung by Gabriella Burnel. She has published this song on her youtube channel Gaiea Sanskrit.

Link to her channel is :

Gabriella Burnel has sung the Madhurashtakam Sanskrit song in her mellifluous voice. Madhurashtakam was originally written by Vallabha Acharya, the founder of the Pushti Marga and philosophy of Shuddhaadvaita. It is written in love of Lord Krishna. Albeit it was written long back the lyrics never fail to strike the core of your heart even today….Example

” Your Lips, Face Eyes, Laughter, Heart, Your Walking, Everything about You is Sweet and Charming,…”

Some see Krishna as beloved , some see him as Guru and some see him a Cowherd boy. In Gabriella Burnel’s own words “

“Madhurashtakam – a song in praise of Krishna, in praise of the person you are standing before, in praise of yourself”

This video shows that innovations and creativity can be applied to rejuvenate and popularize Sanskrit that was the fountainhead of numerous Asian and European languages. While Sanskrit is driven to obsolescence in India after it was widely downgraded in school curriculum, it is refreshing to note that Sanskrit is becoming popular in Europe and we applaud the efforts of Gabriella Burnel to popularize Sanskrit through her talents in music.


Its was sung in Navodaya vidyalaya when we were students. We as students never really developed a colloquial taste for it, barring few Brahmin students in our class. Reason was not the caste or social structure same syllabus was taught to every student however the way of teaching was outdated. Except from reading scriptures there seemed to be no use for it in our future life. So no motive was visible apparently.

For many it seemed like a burden, even for our teachers . Some taught Sanskrit just as regular means of earning money and their despondency seemed visible at times. Even they were not able to show us good use for in our future life.

Therefore low quality teachers and outdated curriculum produced very few quality graduates from Sanskrit. Those who did, got engaged in either priestly duties or had to change profession to feed themselves. In school and in our youths .. the way of showcase of Sanskrit was too much odd and irrelevant looking . So Indians even diverted from Sanskrit to English and other languages and some language for just show off.

But with the information technology boom and various online platforms available the imaginations and innovations can have free run now . New opportunities and avenues are opening . Slowly in India and in places across globe.

We love which looks and feels better . So now focus has to be to make Sanskrit to be made look and feel better again. This video is an effort in same direction. But the way Gabriella Burnel is presenting Sanskrit is really heart touching . She has got a great voice , a great look , a great heart , and a great intellect as well.

Sanskrit is such a lovely language. It is so advance language … But we should change a little the way we live our life. Start with some formal greetings in social occasions and gradually try to establish this beautiful language again.

Sanskrit Love song – Feb-14th Valentines day Special.

Madhurashtakam Lyrics in Sanskrit, Roman with English Meaning

Lyrics in Sanskrit, Roman & Meaning of Madhurashtakam in English is given below:

अधरं मधुरं वदनं मधुरं नयनं मधुरंहसितं मधुरम् ।
हृदयं मधुरं गमनं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥१॥
adharaḿ madhuraḿ vadanaḿ madhuraḿ nayanaḿ madhuraḿ hasitaḿ madhuraḿ।
hṛdayaḿ madhuraḿ gamanaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥1॥ 

Meaning: His lips are sweet, His face is sweet His eyes are sweet, His smile is sweet His heart is sweet, His gait is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!  

वचनं मधुरं चरितं मधुरं वसनं मधुरंवलितं मधुरम् ।
चलितं मधुरं भ्रमितं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥२॥
vacanaḿ madhuraḿ caritaḿ madhuraḿ vasanaḿ madhuraḿ valitaḿ madhuraḿ।
calitaḿ madhuraḿ bhramitaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥2॥

Meaning: His words are sweet, His character is sweet His dress is sweet, His belly-folds are sweet His movements are sweet, His wandering is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!

वेणुर्मधुरो रेणुर्मधुरः पाणिर्मधुरःपादौ मधुरौ ।
नृत्यं मधुरं सख्यं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥३॥
veṇur madhuro reṇur madhuraḥ pāṇir madhuraḥ pādau madhurau।
nṛtyaḿ madhuraḿ sakhyaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥3॥ 

Meaning: His flute is sweet, His foot-dust is sweet His hands are sweet, His feet are sweet His dancing is sweet, His friendship is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!  

गीतं मधुरं पीतं मधुरं भुक्तं मधुरंसुप्तं मधुरम् ।
रूपं मधुरं तिलकं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥४॥
gītaḿ madhuraḿ pītaḿ madhuraḿ bhuktaḿ madhuraḿ suptam madhuraḿ।
rūpaḿ madhuraḿ tilakaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥4॥ 

Meaning: His singing is sweet, His yellow cloth is sweet His eating is sweet, His sleeping is sweet His beauty is sweet, His tilaka is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!  

करणं मधुरं तरणं मधुरं हरणं मधुरंरमणं मधुरम् ।
वमितं मधुरं शमितं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥५॥
karaṇaḿ madhuraḿ taraṇaḿ madhuraḿ haraṇaḿ madhuraḿ ramaṇaḿ madhuraḿ।
vamitaḿ madhuraḿ śamitaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥5॥ 

Meaning: His deeds are sweet, His liberating is sweet His stealing is sweet, His love-sports are sweet His oblations are sweet, His tranquility is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!

गुञ्जा मधुरा माला मधुरा यमुनामधुरा वीची मधुरा ।
सलिलं मधुरं कमलं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥६॥
guñjā madhurā mālā madhurā yamunā madhurā vīcī madhurā।
salilaḿ madhuraḿ kamalaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥6॥ 

Meaning:His gunja-berry necklace is sweet, His flower garland is sweet His Yamuna river is sweet, His ripples are sweet His water is sweet, His lotuses are sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!  

गोपी मधुरा लीला मधुरा युक्तं मधुरंमुक्तं मधुरम् ।
दृष्टं मधुरं शिष्टं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥७॥
gopī madhurā līlā madhurā yuktaḿ madhuraḿ bhuktaḿ madhuraḿ।
hṛṣṭaḿ madhuraḿ śiṣṭaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥7॥ 

Meaning: His gopis (cowherd boys) are sweet, His pastimes are sweet, His union is sweet, His food is sweet, His delight is sweet, His courtesy is sweet — Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!  

गोपा मधुरा गावो मधुरा यष्टिर्मधुरासृष्टिर्मधुरा ।
दलितं मधुरं फलितं मधुरंमधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥८॥
gopā madhurā gāvo madhurā yaṣṭir madhurā sṛṣṭir madhurā।
dalitaḿ madhuraḿ phalitaḿ madhuraḿ madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ ॥8॥ 

Meaning: His gopas (cowherd boys) are sweet, His cows are sweet His staff is sweet, His creation is sweet His trampling is sweet, His fruitfulness is sweet—Everything is sweet about the Emperor of sweetness!

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