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Offer Your Japa and some Punyas for Pulwama Attack Martyrs


The deadly attack of Pulwama has generated outrage across country. Everyone is outraged at this cowardly attack. People are donation in fundraisers. We suggest that only any donations should be done to authorized governments sources only. This has been suggested by our friends in Army as well.

However Soldiers who have laid their lives will attain ‘Veergati’ …..They will go to higher realms and will be in elevated levels in their afterlife as well. In Hinduism, we have a ritual to do Shraddh for our departed ancestors. These soldiers have laid their lives so that we can live our lives peacefully. Their sacrifices also makes them eligible for equal respect and homage as our ancestors. We owe great debt to them deeply. Like Pirtii Rina(Debt of Father), Guru Rina(Debt of Guru) we owe them a Rina as well. We may call it ‘Veer Rina’ .

Some devout religious patriots even perform shraddh for the soldier for their supreme sacrifice.

However shraddh is not the only way, You can also offer your prayers and offer a little bit of your Punyas to them. If you cant remember your last virtuous act then, next time you donate something offer the punyas to the Pulwama Martyrs.

A great way to repay them is to do Some Japa and offer the Punyas to the martyrs.


If you do any Vrata you offer the punya for the martyrs as well.

Here is a video which suggests that you can offer your Mahamrityunjay Japas for them-You may chant 108 Times or as many time you can chant.

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat॥

You can also chant mantras of your Ishta deity and offer . For Example writing/chanting name of Prabhu Ram 108 times or more and offering Punyas to Martyrs will help them greatly.

If you have done any vrata you can offer your punyas for the Maryrs. It will help them to go to elevate further and we will be able to pay at least a bit for their supreme sacrifice. As a citizen of India we have some moral responsibility and we should feel proud doing our bit as well.

Names of Pulwama Attack Martyrs List:

Names of Soldiers martyred in Pulwama attack are :

  1. Jaymal Singh-76 Battalion (जयमाल सिंह- 76 बटालियन)
  2. Naseer Ahmed- 76 Battalion (नसीर अहमद- 76 बटालियन)
  3. Sukhvinder Singh -76 Battalion (सुखविंदर सिंह- 76 बटालियन)
  4. Rohitash Lamba -76 Battalion (रोहिताश लांबा- 76 बटालियन)
  5. Tilak Raj -76 Battalion ( तिलक राज -76 बटालियन)
  6. Bhagirath Singh- 45 Battalion ( भागीरथ सिंह- 45 बटालियन)
  7. Virendra Singh-45 Battalion ( बीरेंद्र सिंह- 45 बटालियन)
  8. Avadhesh Kumar Yadav-45 Battalion ( अवधेष कुमार यादव- 45 बटालियन)
  9. Nitin Singh Rathore-3 Battalion ( नितिन सिंह राठौर- 3 बटालियन)
  10. Ratan Kumar Thakur-45 Battalion ( रतन कुमार ठाकुर- 45 बटालियन)
  11. Surendrs Yadav-45 Battalion ( सुरेंद्र यादव- 45 बटालियन)
  12. Sanjay Kumar Singh-176 Battalion ( संजय कुमार सिंह- 176 बटालियन)
  13. Ramvakil-176 Battalion ( रामवकील- 176 बटालियन)
  14. Dharamchandra- 176 Battalion ( धरमचंद्रा- 176 बटालियन)
  15. Belakar Thaka -176 Battalion ( बेलकर ठाका- 176 बटालियन)
  16. Shyam Babu-115 Battalion ( श्याम बाबू- 115 बटालियन)
  17. Ajeet Kumar Aazad -115 Battalion (अजीत कुमार आजाद- 115 बटालियन)
  18. Pradeep Singh-115 Battalion ( प्रदीप सिंह- 115 बटालियन)
  19. Sanjay Rajpoot -115 Battalion (संजय राजपूत- 115 बटालियन)
  20. Kaushal Kumar Rawat-115 Battalion ( कौशल कुमार रावत- 115 बटालियन)
  21. Jeet Ram-92 Battalion ( जीत राम- 92 बटालियन)
  22. Amit Kumar-92 Battalion ( अमित कुमार- 92 बटालियन)
  23. Vijay Kumar Maurya -92 Battalion (विजय कुमार मौर्या- 92 बटालियन)
  24. Kulvinder Singh-92 Battalion ( कुलविंदर सिंह- 92 बटालियन)
  25. Vijay Sorang-82 Battalion ( विजय सोरंग- 82 बटालियन)
  26. Vasant Kumar V. V.-82 Battalion ( वसंत कुमार वीवी- 82 बटालियन)
  27. Guru H. -82 Battalion (गुरु एच- 82 बटालियन)
  28. Subham Anirang Ji-82 Battalion ( सुभम अनिरंग जी- 82 बटालियन)
  29. Amar Kumar-75 Battalion ( अमर कुमार- 75 बटालियन)
  30. Ajay Kumar-75 Battalion ( अजय कुमार- 75 बटालियन)
  31. Maninder Singh-75 Battalion ( मनिंदर सिंह- 75 बटालियन)
  32. Ramesh Yadav-61 Battalion ( रमेश यादव- 61 बटालियन)
  33. Parshana Kumar Sahu-61 Battalion ( परशाना कुमार साहू- 61 बटालियन)
  34. Hem Raj Meena-61 Battalion ( हेम राज मीना- 61 बटालियन)
  35. Babala Shantra-35 Battalion ( बबला शंत्रा- 35 बटालियन)
  36. Ashwini Kumar Kochi-35 Battalion ( अश्वनी कुमार कोची- 35 बटालियन)
  37. Pradeep Kumar-21 Battalion ( प्रदीप कुमार- 21 बटालियन)
  38. Sudhir Kumar Bansal -21 Battalion (सुधीर कुमार बंशल- 21 बटालियन)
  39. Ravinder Singh-98 Battalion ( रविंदर सिंह- 98 बटालियन)
  40. M. Bashumatare-98 Battalion ( एम बाशुमातारे- 98 बटालियन)
  41. Mahesh Kumar-118 Battalion ( महेश कुमार- 118 बटालियन)
  42. L.L. Gulazar- 118 Battalion ( एलएल गुलजार- 118 बटालियन)

Read this article also which has Individual photos of Pulwama Martyrs:

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