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A dreadful experience at Manikarnika Cremation Ghat

A dreadful experience at Manikarnika Cremation Ghat, Varanasi

So we went to the Ghats on a boat ride in Varanasi. In Harishchandra ghat – they were burning about 5-6 bodies

We were watching it from a very close distance. There was no one around us and we have rented a private boat for the 3 of us.

One particular body was burning, its legs fell off, hands were upright and just looked grotesque overall

So I began to record it, to scare my mom. Was about 1 min video. (I apologised to I don’t know “who”, but I apologised for recording the video)


Came to the hotel, decided to show mom that hoping to scare her

Turned the video on, and a few seconds into the video, this creepy weird human-like voice started- making painful noises- it was agonising

Then it started talking something in UP kinda hindi, It was clearly trying to tell me something. It was like it was talking to me, sitting next to me on the boat while I was recording that burning body. My mom and dad too froze upon hearing it. Daddy immediately made delete all those videos

The next day, after we got back from Ayodhya, we went to the ghat again. I recorded another video again hoping to hear something

But this time, there wasn’t anything

Then we talked to a rickshawwala there and he confirmed many people have had that experience and I wasn’t the only one!

Yea, I am still creeped out.

PS: He was really trying to tell me something.. he wasn’t trying to scare me. I just got scared because of the suddenness and unexpectedness of it.

Post Credit: Rupa Murthy
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