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Paranormal Problems- Solutions by Pulkit


Ghost Problems are Curable

The topic of Ghost related problem are taboo in today’s modern society. People do not talk about this as this is considered backwards and superstition. Mostly it is also because of the many infamous stories related with Exorcist and ‘Ojhas’ in India.

Only those who are suffering from this pr problem understand the difficulties faced . The ailing person is totally dependent on his relatives and well wishers acumen to come out of this situation. Its a condition where the Person possessed is truly at loss of his wits . People need right advice to overcome this issue.

With the advent of Youtube many such channels have come up which speak on this issue. However few of them are authentic and actually have done some work in this area.

More than Exorcism it is the collective effort of the family which can heal up the ailing person. You need to know where to start with to address the problem. A Youtuber Pulkit Mohan Singla who is highly educated and has worked Ghost related issues insists that most of the issues can be dealt at the home by making few modification in lifestyle.


A positive clean house, with ‘Sattvic’ habits, Totally avoiding Non veg food, Alcohol, fights or arguments & quarrels at home, dissuade the problem creating spirits. Pulkit also talks furthermore about a ‘Dhuni’ and other methods which help further in getting rid of the problem in systematic manner. Dhuni is mixture of various healing herbs which create fumes when burned and provide relief to the ailing person.

He refers the ailing person as a ‘Pret Rogi’ , that is as a kind of patient only. See his video below to her more from him.

Pulkit Mohan Singala’ contact details are as follows:

Mobile & Whatsap p no : 8130331007

You can also email him for any problem. Email :

His Youtube Channel is

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