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Bhagawan Bole – A yogi in the gorge


Maharajji sits in a gorge in a remote are of Madhya Pradesh:


Maharaj ji lives in the gorge of a water fall named as Bahuti Fall, situated under Bahuti village , in Mauganj  Tehsil of Rewa  district of  Madhya Pradesh in central part of India.

He has taken the vow of staying at single place and has been in the same gorge at same place for many years. He never comes out of the gorge. If you go at the place you an feel the vibes of powerful spiritual prana energy flowing at the place. I have been there a few times and have felt the strong presence of spiritual vibrations of this place. This place has been  Maharaj ji’s  tapasthali for many many years now. Maharajji was working in Nagapur in some Government department and then he left his job and came to this place in search of truth in his quest of spirituality.

In the moments of  painful hardships,  he endured in the path of  truth seeking , he vowed  that he will never go out of this if he realises God. And he never left this place again, in spite of  insistence of al his newly formed clout of devotees, he never actively went to the outside world. Though if you meet him you will soon realise that he is aware of each and every event happening in outside world. He has attained amany siddhis and free from all bonds.


It is said he even left his mortal body once during the hardships of his spiritual journey . His body could be seen from above the gorge  lying near the small pool of water. He says that he was sent back by Gods as he has still some unfinished task for the world.

The kind of words that he uses and ideas that he communicates is very different from what we hear from many yogis and sadhus we see in popular media. He is very clear in his thoughts. Maharajji  lives just in a small mud hut which his  disciples has made for him. Before that he remained in the gorge bearing all nature’s fury in rains, summers heat, cold winters  without any protection.

Maharajji says that the gorge was the dwelling place of a tiger. Maharajji succeeded this place from another yogi who used to live there earlier and actually sat in the Tiger’s cave  and forced it to leave the place for him.

That is quite a scenic place and and in case if you wan to visit there the directions are given below.


Gurudev Madhya Pradesh ke Rewa Jile mein Bahuti waterfall ke kinare rahte hain. Ye Google map location hai,81.8267512,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x39850b71231f5cb3:0xbe1c46fc4c1faa50!8m2!3d24.7607519!4d81.8289453

Aapko pahle Bahuti Village jana padega, Mauganj tehsil hai, Jila Reewa. Allahabad aur Mirzapur se yahan jaane ke liye sadhan milega. Sirf road hai aur sadak se vahan chhodkar kam se kam 2-3 km paidal chalana padega aur fir 1km gahari kathin utarai hai. Shareer se swasth hone par hi itani kathin utarai aur fir vapas chadhayi kar sakate hain. Bas Ek nivedan hai inake paas khali kautuk ke liye na jaayein ya man mein bure vichar le ke na jaayein. Sukh suvidha kuchh nahi hai is jagah bas ek mitti ki kuti hai . Sachche man se jaayein .

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