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Modi recalled Ramayan on Renuka Chowdhury’s cynical laughter


PM modi was addressing a question in Rajya Sabha yesterday where he was  quoting an old excerpt from Rajya sabha proceeding from July 1998 . That time Venkaiya Naidu raised a question and Lal Krishna Advani replied to him about the conception of a multi utility national identity cards which would be used all purposes including, health care, education,  jobs, degrees , issuing  passports, driving licenses, ration cards etc.

PM Modi commented further that it was the basis of Adhaar card, which are being used now. However Renuka Chowdhary found it too funny and started laughing hysterically. It is Interesting to note that no one else was laughing and her cynical laugh was appeared to interrupt the PM’s speech and clearly to undermine the value of authenticity of the excerpt of previous Rajya sabha proceedings,  that PM was quoting.

Speaker Venkaiya Naidu took cognizance of the this demeaning interruption and even told Renuka to go and have a check up with doctor if was having any really serious issue.



However, PM Modi as witty as he is , he instantly said that “Speaker Sir, Please do not take any action on Renuka CHowdhary as we are privileged to hear such laughter long time after Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana serial.” Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan was very famous serial in late 80’s on Doordarshan way back.

Though PM modi did not take any reference, wether  Renuka’s laughter matched with which character in Ramayana.  It was  evident that the comment was made not in a positive sense . One could easily refer to the cynical laughter to that of Surpanakha or Tadaka . In both cases  Renuka was clearly offended. People immediately burst into laughter the undertone of the satire was very obvious .

Renuka alter was expressing that she was feeling hurt . Well Mam if you want respect, you need to treat other with respect too. She was definitely not laughing after the Ramayana comment.

Seems PM has insulted her , without even cutting her nose.

Here is the video which shows the entire incident as it is :


Here you can see the  Surpanakha incident in Ramayan which has been related to Renuka’s laughter


Below is the video of newclip where Renuka Chowdhary and Smriti Irani are expressing their views on the incident.


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