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Yang Qu and Abhinav Seetharaman Welcome to Spoken Sanskrit Series! This is a MOOC series produced by students at Columbia University. By initiating this program, they are happy to contribute their part in the Sanskrit Revival Movement, and introduce the seemingly intimidating language in a very approachable and accessible way to our daily. In our first episode “Basic Introductions”, they have introduced a couple of words and phrases in every series. This is really interesting . Who thought that Sanskrit could be this fun to speak. Please have look and subscribe to their channel if you like the content.





















There are 3 crore students who learn Samskrit in school, college & Veda pathashalas (though majority of them do not speak). “The number is still decreasing “…… But actually the number of volunteers is increasing day by day. So We, karyakartas, should not give a destitute look for the language.

Let us say that “the goal to reach may be in crores and the reality is in lakhs yet , actually the number is INCREASING day by day”……. एषः मम विनम्रा प्रार्थना | वदतु संस्कृतम् , जयतु भारतम्

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