June 2, 2023

Music: Sangitam ( संगीतम )

Musical Instrument : Vadyam ( वाद्यम  )

To Learn : Adhigacchati (अधिगच्छति)

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To Play and (instrument) : [Vadyam] Vadayati ([वाद्यम] वादयति)

To Sing : gayati ( गायति  )

Song: gitam (गीतम)

Singer: gayakah(male)/ gayika(female) ( गायक:- पुरुष ) (गायिका:- स्त्री ) 

Music teacher : guruh (गुरु:)

For how long: kiyat kalam? (कियत कालम)

To Listen : shrnoti (श्रुणोति)

Classical Music: shastriyasangitam ( शास्त्रीय संगीतम)

Have you learnt music before? bhavan sangitam adhigtavan va? (भवान संगीतम अधिग्त्वन  वा ?)

Indian Classical Music: bharatiya shastriyasangitam ( ( भारतीय  शास्त्रीय संगीतम)

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