June 2, 2023

Spoken Sanskrit Series – Episode 9: “Waking Up in the Morning”


to stand up/to get up – uttishthati ( उत्तिष्ठति )

get up – uttishthatu ( उत्तिष्ठतु )

to sit down – upavishati ( उपविशति )

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to brush one’s teeth: dantadāvanam karoti ( दन्तधावनम करोति  )

water: jalam ( जलम   )

to drink: pibati ( पिबति )

to eat: khAdati ( खादति  )

breakfast: alpāhāram ( अल्पाहारम )

Did you sleep well? samyak nidrām krtavān vā? ( सम्यक निद्राम  कर्त्वान वा )

school – vidyālayam ( विद्यालयम ) 

to take a bath/shower: snānam karoti ( स्नानम करोति  )

bathroom/toilet: saucālayam ( शौचालयम )

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