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Staggering distance of Bangalore & Hyderabad airports from the city


Hyderabad & Bangalore airports are quite far away from the main city. Bangalore airport is about 45 Kms away while Hyderabad airport is around 35 Kms away. This is quite contrary to Mumbai where airport is in the middle of the city. While in Delhi the airport is still on the periphery of the city,s till better in than Bangalore or Hyderabad.

When I first came to Bangalore I almost lost my flight , being used to Mumbai airport I was expecting it to be in close vicinity of may be around within 10 kms range.However with the direct car booking and full speed driving it took me almost two hours because I was staying in the southern part of the city while the airport is in the far north boundaries of the city. It doubled my distance. I learnt my lesson though and next time onward I planned my commute well in advance for airport.

Although the Bangalore airport is very spacious and well constructed and same is true for Hyderabad, Delhi is still a shade better than both of them. However out of personal choice for ease of commute and reach for  various destination and for quick work, I would rate Mumbai Airport higher among all of them though.

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