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Vihar Lake in Mumbai city

Lake view1
Lake view 2.
Lake view 3.
Lake view 4.
















Clear water of Lake
Solitary Rock on Lake Shore. I just sat and reflected on my thoughts for a long time .










Lake view 7.
Sun in sky over Lake










Lake view 9.
Lake view 10.









Lake view 11.
Lake view 12.





Lake view 13.
















Bhangoda village is a tiny place nearby Vihar Lake in Mumbai. Vihar Lake is on the periphery of Sanjay Gandhi national park which is situated right in middle of the city population.


Road through the village leading to Lake Vihar
Scenes from village.1
Scenes from village.2











Maybe this is only national park which is surrounded by the city. Vihar Lake makes a very good destination for weekend escape for Mumbai city dwellers. Such refreshing beauty of nature is so nearby but most of the people in city are either unaware or do not pay attention to this beautiful place so close to them.

A narrow way leading to the Lake Vihar



Lake also serves as one of the major drinking water sources for Mumbai city. You will find various kind of flora and fauna in and around the lake. Mithi river just flows close by and adds to the attraction of this place. You can even couple of islands in the lake which is mesmerizing to watch in setting sun.

Lake view 14.
Lake view 15.










Lake view 16.
Lake view 17.










Lake view 18.
Lake view 19.










Lake view 20.




The place as not well developed for tourist point though. As there are no clear structures for tourists. We just happened to go there on our own and there is no clear road to reach the lake also. We just followed narrow path carved from the footsteps of other people who have been visiting the place earlier.


Lake view 21.
Lake view 22.
Lake view 23.
Lake view 24.
Lake view 25.
Lake view 26.
Lake view 27.
Lake view 28.
Lake view 29.
Lake view 30.
Lake view 31.
Lake view 32.
Lake view 34.
Silhouette during sunset























































A caution although very scenic and beautiful the place is not prepared for tourists yet so you may not find clear paths or structures or safety measures for visitors. Vihar Lake is known for crocodiles and there are reports when Leopards from nearby Sanjay Gandhi national park visit the lake and nearby places. You need to be completely prepared for the trip and try not to come in contact with wild animals directly.

A lot people from nearby village and Mumbai city keep on coming here and enjoy natural scenery.

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