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Roadside assistance (RSA) for bikes


Road side assistance (Popularly known as RSA)  is used to be services for cars a few years back. However with the increasing focus of organised player’e entry into the two wheeler market, many a new  products and services are now available for bikes now as well. RSA is one of them. Recently there has been a lot of new offers by various companies like,, AXA-assistance TLC etc directly to the end consumers. However these companies found little takers in the market as two wheelers are a very price sensitive market. Few of these companies tied up with organised Players like,, to bring more awareness about this service in market.

Since the online classified listings companies have better reach in the market with 2 wheeler dealers it was easire for these companies to market this product to the buyer who are purchasing bikes from dealer shops.

Road side assistance service could be of great help if your in distress at odd hours.Especially if your bike is rendered in a very remote location. What if you run out of fuel or tyre gets punctured in the middle on nowhere. This  service is available as 24×7 emergency roadside assistance for bikes and cars.


RSA service will help you to get your vehicle in case of small problems like, running out of fuel , jump-starting your bike, assistance for flat tyre/puncture, repair for minor break downs. They might help you over the phone to start your vehicle if possible. In case of major break down of the bike they will tow your bike to the nearest garage.

Here is the list of services you can avail under RSA program:


1. Breakdown support over phone
2. On Site minor repair(On Phone)
3. Replacement of keys
4. Locked/Lost Keys
5. Flat Tyre Support
6. Battery Jump Start
7. Fuel Delivery
8. Wrong Fuelling
9. Towing for mechanical & electrical breakdown one way
10. Towing for accidental cases one way
11. Simple medical assistance


Here are the links for some site which provide RSA for bikes.


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