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‘What not to do’ is more important for bigger success


We all have 24 hours in a day and still some people are placed way high in social or economic status while others still facing not able to reach their in spite of all their time and effort put in by them. Some will term it as luck and just call it a day and will still keep on doing the same things they have been doing for long time. Still no progress.

What separates successful people from not so successful people is that their ability to NOT TO DO CERTAIN THINGS. If you want to do everything , you won’t have enough time even in many life times.

It is important to not to do certain things in order to succeed or develop some other capability to succeed on a bigger level. We are all largely dominated by our habits and subconscious patterns of thinking which we develop over a period of time.  Based on those experiences we develop a sense of good success of failure and subconsciously strive to do the same. However it is very important to weed out those time consuming or lesser productive activities which are diverting us away from the success we want to achieve.


It is very important to identify such factors ad weed them out like waste. Put in all your effort and first get rid of unproductive & lesser productive habits and activities. Then only your mind will be able to focus and make time for working on more productive habits and will guide you to pursue the activities which will lead you to achieve you desired dream success. Then also you need to clearly write down and draw a path which will lead you to success. Dreaming success and dreaming and visualizing the path, plan & activities leading you to your dream success should be you sole focus if you want to achieve tangible results of success .


Not only doing things working towards success are important , more important is to NOT TO DO the things which are actually consuming your time and energy and are diverting you away from a success in a realistic time frame.

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