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Review of Book: Word Power Made Easy


Review of Book: Word Power Made Easy


” Word Power Made Easy” is written by Norman Lewis. The first Indian edition of this book came in the year 1979. This book has been revised and edited several times since then and now we have  enlarged most updated  version of this available toady.  The every reason we mention the year of fort edition is a proof to the fact that this book has been popular and greatly admired by the students , scholars and all educated class alike. Book teaches you the etymological approach to build p superior vocabulary. Etymology means going the key roots of the word finding the their exact meaning . This is is done by the method of learning the  stories behind the roost. Once a root word’s meaning is learnt through its story it hard to forget and you can deduce the hint of the meaning of the whole word by recognizing that one root.




‘Ortho’: Is  a root word which related to bone straightening young kids and over a period of time Ortho came to be related with anything doing with fixing up the bone right. Like Orthopedist, Orthodontist etc.

Like wise ‘Sect’: is related to sections . Insect were supposed to be having a body where different parts of body could be easily seen into different sections.

There are so many interesting stories behind the word which are taught in very simple language you could almost find it as interesting as a story book.

Author says that  this is one book which is not supposed to be read only, It is supposed to be learnt and worked on simultaneously. The etymological approach works better than any other method for learning. And you will learn and master nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs quickly and permanently.


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