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Review of Book: Shamshan Bhairvi : A Tantrik Novel


Review of Book: Shamshan Bhairvi : A Tantrik Novel

For those who are interested in Tantra Mantra the book ‘Shamshan Bhairvi’ written by best renowned author of our modern era Shri Narayn Dutt Shrimali. You would have heard stories about tantriks and tantra but never before a novel on Trantra.  Story is a  wonderful work of fiction and gives a details on the never before known siddhis to the modern reader.

It also details of the dangers a entailed in sadhanas and the internal conflicts between various sects of the Aghoris and tantrik paths.

The siddhis mentioned in the book are coming from real sadhanas performed by aghoris and tantriks and it illustrates the impact it can have on an unsuspecting individuals lives.There is conflict of good and bad forces and you would be amazed how the accomplished  sadhaks and tantriks could perform superhuman activities and yet you may not recognized them in your real life.

Although the book is a work of fiction the references abut the sadhanas and their effects are taken from the Aghoris and tantriks who can perform those miraculous acts.
Entertaining read for those who want to know more about the Tantrik world. It will arouse you interest to another level. Books talks about the high level of self discipline and fine fiber of moral conduct these tantriks follow to perform the siddhis as well.

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