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Veer : Divine beings mentioned in Tantra


Who are Veers

‘Veer’ / ( also spelt as ‘Vir’ in English as वीर in Hindi).  We have heard this word so many times from our childhood. Word ‘Veer’ means ‘Brave’. But are you aware that Veer is also a type of cursed Gods. Some Gods loose their merits and then are subjucted to a a lower but more intense form of divine beings called Veers.

In Indian tantrik literature, Veers have been mentioned many a times. It is said that Veers are actually Yakshas, who are ruled by Lord Kubera the treasurers of Gods-The king of Yakshas.When the Gods are cursed or punished they are sent in the Yaksha form to bear their punishment. Veers are very powerful beings and can perform any tasks given to them very quickly. Maybe that’s how the virility (Or is this word also derived from Veer? Will let you know when I do more research on this) is associated with the Veers .

Who all did Veer Sadhana?

In ancient times the Veer shadhana was a very popular practice for Tantriks and people who were involved with unsafe professions needed the protection for themselves. Among these were Kings, High officials, War lords, Wanderers, Seers etc. It is said that famous King Vikramaditya had done Veer sadhana and had two Veers with him who helped him at various instances and helped him accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Some of  highly esteemed  seers of or medieval India also had done ‘Veer sadhana’. It helped them to stay clear of dangers while traveling in far away unknown places from robbers, animals and mishaps.


Names of 52 Veers-Type of Veers

There are 52 different types of Veers. Each Veer has different kind of powers. There name are as follows:

  1. Kshetrapal Veer (क्षेत्रपाल वीर)
  2. Kapil Veer  ( कपिल वीर)
  3. Batuk Veer ( बटुक वीर)
  4. Nrisinmha Veer ( नृसिंह वीर)
  5. Gopal Veer ( गोपाल वीर)
  6. Bhairav Veer ( भैरव वीर)
  7. Garuda Veer ( गरूड़ वीर)
  8. Mahakal Veer ( महाकाल वीर)
  9. Kaal Veer ( काल वीर)
  10. Swarn Veer ( स्वर्ण वीर )
  11. Rakt Swarn Veer ( रक्तस्वर्ण वीर)
  12. Devsen Veer ( देवसेन वीर)
  13. Ghantapath Veer ( घंटापथ वीर )
  14. Rudra veer ( रुद्रवीर)
  15. Terasangh Veer ( तेरासंघ वीर )
  16. Varun Veer ( वरुण वीर )
  17. Kandharv Veer ( कंधर्व वीर )
  18. Hans Veer ( हंस वीर  )
  19. Launkadiya Veer ( लौन्कडिया वीर)
  20. Vahi  Veer ( वहि वीर )
  21. Priymitra Veer ( प्रियमित्र वीर )
  22. Kaaru Veer ( कारु वीर)
  23. Adrishya Veer ( अदृश्य वीर )
  24. Vallabh Veer ( वल्लभ वीर)
  25. Vajr Veer ( वज्र वीर )
  26. Mahakali Veer ( महाकाली वीर)
  27. Mahalabh Veer ( महालाभ वीर )
  28. Tungabhadra Veer ( तुंगभद्र वीर )
  29. Vidyadhar Veer ( विद्याधर वीर )
  30. Ghantakarna veer ( घंटाकर्ण वीर )
  31. Vaidyanath Veer ( बैद्यनाथ वीर )
  32. Vibheeshan Veer ( विभीषण वीर)
  33. Fahetak Veer ( फाहेतक वीर )
  34. Pitr Veer  ( पितृ वीर )
  35.  Khadga Veer ( खड्‍ग वीर )
  36. Naghast Veer ( नाघस्ट वीर )
  37. Pradyumn Veer ( प्रदुम्न वीर )
  38. Shmashaan Veer ( श्मशान वीर )
  39. Bharudag Veer ( भरुदग वीर )
  40. Kakelekar Veer ( काकेलेकर वीर )
  41. Kamfilabh Veer ( कंफिलाभ वीर)
  42. Asthimukh Veer ( अस्थिमुख वीर )
  43. Retovedya  Veer ( रेतोवेद्य वीर )
  44. Nakul Veer ( नकुल वीर )
  45. Shaunak Veer ( शौनक वीर )
  46. Kaalmukh Veer ( कालमुख )
  47. Bhootbairav Veer ( भूतभैरव वीर )
  48. Paishaach Veer ( पैशाच वीर )
  49. Trimukh Veer ( त्रिमुख वीर )
  50. Dachak Veer ( डचक वीर )
  51. Attalad Veer ( अट्टलाद वीर )
  52. Vasmitr Veer (  वास्मित्र वीर )

Famous Epic ‘Prithviraj Raso’ written by Chandabardaayi mentions about Veers and estimates their type at 52. Veer are considered the representatives of Bhairav or messenger Bhairavis . They are protectors of  Devas and dharma. Essentially all Veers are the devotees of divine Mother Kaali.

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