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Ramayan Supply-Must haves during Ramcharitmanas Path


Ramayan supplies are the products which are used during the Akhand(unbroken) recitation of Shri Ramcharitmanas.

Musical Supply-While reciting Ramayana for more than 24 hours continuously, Ramayan supplies are your most trusted companion. Akhand Unbroken recitation of Ramayan is an arduous task. Musical Instruments and supporting equipment make it easier to accomplish the task.

Apart from this you should also arrange for Manjeera, Taklis, Percussion drum (Dholak), Harmonium etc for singing.

Small Wodden Stand- Small Wooden book stand will help you to reduce the strain on neck and back . Holy Ramayan book cannot be kept on ground hence it has to be kept on this stand. Usually this stand is made of mango wood or wood of some holy tree.

Book of Ramcharitmanas– This is most important supply in as you will read from this book only. Do not rely on kindle etc. Try to have at least 4-5 books of Shri Ramcharitmanas, because only one person cannot carry out this big task alone. Rhythm of recitation is not broken hence at least minimum two people are there to recite chaupais one by one. More the people easier it is to carry out the recitation of 24+ hours.


Ramdarbar Photo-The Photograph of Ram darabar is must. Ram darabar photo consists of Prabhu Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Shri Bharat ji , Shri Lakshman ji, Shri Shatrughn ji and Shri Hanuman ji together in the court of Prabhu Shri Ram.

Seat for Hanuman ji- Have special adorned cloth and seat for Shri Hanuman ji because it is said that wherever the Ramcharitmanas is recited Shri Hanuman ji definitely pays a visit and listens to whole recitation.

Pooja Supplies for Ramayan- For Pooja also arrange flowers, 5 different kind of fruits including Banana(Banana is must), Incense (Dhoop),Lamp (Deep), Wick, Cow Ghee, Tulasi (Holy Basil is also must), Sweets to distribute.

Seating place for Devotees-Have a proper big carpet & sheets to lay down on ground on which people can sit and recite Ramayan.

Microphone & Speakers-Apart from this you may also need a microphone and speaker , in case you are doing it on a larger scale.

Below are just the few of Ramayana Supplies links. We shall arrange for more shortly.

Ramayan Supplies- Products used in Shri Ramayan Paath

Shri Ramcharitmanas BookGeeta Press Shri Ramcharitmanas with Book Stand Hardcover ₹475View on Amazon
Ramayan book standWooden Hand Carved Ramayan Book Stand, 15-Inch, Brown ₹290View on Amazon 
Shri Ram Darbar PhotoShri Ram Darbar Photo with Frame₹399View on Amazon 
 Shri RamcharitmanasSri Ramcharitmanas-Ramayana of Tulsidas-Hindi Edition-Hardcover$40View on Amazon
 Shri Ram Darbar PhotoRam Darbar, Shri Ram, Sita and Laxman & Hanuman Poster with Frame$31.50View on Amazon

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