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How much news should be enough for you


There was a time when people used to switch off TV when a twenty minute news used to start. People used to avoid news unless there was some big story was being broadcasted. With cable TV and satellite TV/dish TV  now the scenario has completely changed.  The media is bombarding you with news 24 hours. Same news is being broadcasted by various channel adding very few points or not at all. Do we realize how much of our time is going to process just the duplicate information.


Time has come when we need a device or and app which can filter out duplicate information and delivers what we need.

Why do we need to read/listen or watch so much of irrelevant stuff. This is kust zapping up too much of our and peace of mind. News is mostly containing negative  content. It thrives on pessimism and tension. Try to filter out only the relevant stuff. Leave the rest of stuff. It will free up your mind to concentrate better and make your life easier.Today’s media is

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