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Mahamurkh Kavi Sammelan of Banaras


Banaras (Varanasi ) is a unique place on earth. The city dweller are known for their chilled out attitude and their ability to talk upon any topic or anything within and even beyond their capacity of comprehension. The city has a funny side which is exhibited in their daily lives and on special occasions too. One such occasion is Mahamurkh(or Mahamoodh) Kavi Sammelan of Banaras or some people also know it as Gali kavi sammelan.

Gali? Why.. Because the poets or Kavis hurl abuses on anyone even the reputed guests present there. And yet people do not take any offence and its all in taken in a lighter vein.

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This Happens only once a year on the festival of Holi. Many reputed Poets(Kavis) participate in the event and topic of sammelan could be anything anything conceivable on global scale or daily mundane stuff of people’s lives. People are free to think and comment poetically on anything which pleases them. But CAUTION . this is not all poetry, there are a lot of abuses involved , ranging from stylish creative abuses to local Be**c*d to Bhos***ke to anything.

You might be tempted to think that there will be small or no audience in the event OR there would be very low profile of audience. This would be biggest mistake, if you presume so. The audience includes the District Magistrate , MPs and MLAs and all kind of high profile people. Not only they listen and laugh on the jokes and poems of the poets but they are also the target of their jokes and abuses in chaste Hindi. No one feels offended. Their mistakes and bluffs are publicly called off on stage and abused as well. Everyone takes it in their stride and goes home light hearted. There is huge participation in the event and public is highly enthusiastic of this annual event. Whatever may be the philosophy behind this event, but this is really popular event in the city and reflects the lighter side of Banaras in all its raunchy glory.

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The Sammelan start with the marriage of Murkhadhiraj(King of Fools). In this one of kind marriage function Bride goes to get the Groom amidst the bray of Donkeys and huge cacophony . Not even this they get divorced the same night of marriage when the Bride comes to know about the wrongdoings of Groom.

This is one hell of an event where everyone competes to be the biggest fool. The whole night files away amidst laughter and sarcastic banter. Poets also use this opportunity to raise up social and civic issues and satire is used at free will to make their points conveyed.

This is one unique kind of event and everything is supposed to be in opposite practice during this event. A winner of event is Biggest Fool of the year. This event happens in April and around 1st April, which is widely known as April fool’s day.

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