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Sarvapitru Amavasya-Yearly Shradh offering day


Today is Sarvapitru Amavasya. Sarva (means All), Pitru/ (also called Pitars: all your ancestors who are dead) and since this day falls on Amavasya (No Moon day) of the Hindu calendar Ashwin month. This is supposed to be a day when all you ancestors are on earth to receive offerings made by you. Normally the “Pinds ( the food offering to Pitars)” are offered by taking name of your every ancestor but on this day your offering will go to all of your ancestors even if you know them y name or not or even don’t know at all. So it carries a lot of importance in ‘Shradhs’.

Shradh( is the word derived from Shradhha(Gratitude) as it is something you offer to your ancestors with gratitude.
Shradh i held of our Pitars(demised ancestors) every year in the month of Ashwin. Although you can offer Pinds/ do Pinddaan on Amavasya of any month. But the 15 days(Paskhas) before the Navaratras( Publicly celebrated Navaratras falls two times in an year) are considered very important for doing Shradhs.

Out of the those also the Ashwin (Usually falls between September-November of English calendar) PitruPakhsa are considred most apt for performing Shradh relating to your departed ancestors(Pitars)

Also Know how Karna performed Shradh in Ashwin month Pirtpakhas

Also read the story of Amavasu the Pitar on whose name Amavasya is named.


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