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Raamduaare : The Meaning


“Raamduaare”….The Name: This used to be very common name some decades back in our villages in northern India, specially Awadhi language influenced regions or Bhojpuri speaking regions.

This used to sound sound very funny initially and we used to look at any person with this in amazement(kind of how can anyone has such a name?) in our childhood days. However we grew up and read a lot of other literature too.

I came across a line in our very own popular Hanuman Chalisa where it says ” Ramduaare tum Rakhware, hot na agya binu Paisare”. Now Ramduare consists of two Words Ram=Lord Rama, Duaare= The door, so essentially it means the door of Rams house which is Nirvana/Vikuntha (Lord Rams’ abode).

As per the Hanuman Chalisa the translation of ” Ramduare tum Rakhware, hot na agya binu Paisare” is like without Hanumanji’s permission or approval of your spiritual quotient you will not be allowed to enter Vaikuntha/Nirvana.

Still t never struck my mind that where exactly is the Raamduaare or the door of Nirvana. I bought a book called “Puran Purush:Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri” a biography of Shri Shyamacharan Lahiriji.


There he has mentioned in a chapter that People wish to die on Raamduaare that is on the door of Lord Rama. Now it does not literally mean that people should go and die in front of Lord Rama’s temple. Also I am not sure how meritorious it will be., neither I even read this as commendable act in any religious scripture though.

Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiriji mentioned that Raamduaare is the place called Kootasth( the place between eyebrows). He says that if the person keeps his focus on this point while leaving his body for final abode, he will attain nirvana and will never fall into the cycle of birth and death again.

This actually gave me goosebumps. The deep meaning associated with the simple looking name like Ramduaare has given my thought a new dimension. Why not, how anything related with Lord Rama be small….:)

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