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Call Script for bike sale


Call Script & Process for scheduling customer visit & to complete a successful sale

This post is useful for a Pre-onwed bike classified website(which has listing of used bikes on their portal) & which generates leads of interested customers who want to buy a used bike from a Dealer’s shop.

Here the there are 2 teams working on the customers leads in two parts. First team calls the customer and ascertains their requirement.Like which bike do they want, what is year of manufacture of bike and what is the expected amount he wants to spend on the bike.

Second team is for closing the deals.They find out the right bike for the customer from selected dealers, schedule the appointment and close the deal with the help of Dealer.

Here is Process and call script in brief::

Call Script & Process for scheduling customer visit & Conclude the Deal


“Good Morning/Afternoon……Sir/Mam,
I am……..Calling from ……, the pre-owned bike portal. This is regarding your requirement for a pre-owned/second hand/Used …… . Can we talk now? “
Customer says : Okay( Proceed with the script) if he says No: Ask him when is the suitable time to call back.
“Surely Sir we can help you get the right vehicle. May we know a little more about your requirement please. What is :
• Make & variant:
• Model/Year:
• Budget:
• Locality: “

First Call team to stop here and create the lead in CRM( In case your company is using any CRM or You can use excel or Google drive).

Second call team or the Sales closure team::
First see if all the requirement mentioned by the First call team and find out the desired vehicle in the desired budget of the customer. If the desired bike is not available, Please follow the points exactly in same order to guide him-

• Refer to the price Grid sheet(If your website has been in listing used bike for sometime you can prepare a good to go ready reference price grid using pivot) to see whether his requirement matching with the grid or not. If the budget is too low suggest him to lower the year of manufacture of vehicle.
• If the bike is not available suggest him to go to another nearby locality to buy the bike.
• If the make/variant of bike is not available then suggest him another model.

If the bike is available:

Greetings “Good Morning/Afternoon……Sir/Mam,

I am……..Calling from ……website, the pre-owned bike portal. This is regarding your requirement for a pre-owned/second hand/Used …… .
“Sir we are glad that we have one bike available in ………..locality. The bike is inspected and certified and carries warranty, RSA for one year, Personal Fracture insurance and 1Door Step service- Free of cost to you , in case if you book/purchase the bike on visit.

The Dealership is open from …am-…pm , Monday to Saturday (CHECK WITH DEALER FIRST). When is the convenient time for you to have a look at the bike?”
Schedule Time for Inspection by coordinating with dealer:

Procedure for coordinating a Successful Inspection:

Create the Follow up lead in CRM on the date scheduled and give a call :
1. To customer in Morning
2. To customer 1 Hour before his scheduled time of Visit
3. Call the dealer 1 hour before and intimate him the name and expected time of arrival of customer.
4. Ensure that the dealer is himself present on the shop or any one of his senior resources to receive the customer.
5. If it is the senior resource, talk to the resources and guide him , how to deal with the customer

Call up customer when he has reached the shop & the dealer. Check who is receiving the customer on shop (Dealer himself or His resources-Talk to the new person if your regular guy is not dealing with the customer).
Let the dealer show him the bike to the customer’s satisfaction. Give a call in EXACT 10 minutes of customer reaching the shop. Because it is likely that if the customer doesn’t like any bike on dealer’s shop he will move on to another shop where he will buy and you will lose the sale. (Remember if the customer is not satisfied with the bikes of the first dealer you fixed the appointment, he will not tell your company’s name to another shop he is visiting, So calling in exact 10 minutes to check the progress of the deal is HIGHLY IMPORTANT.
Conclude the deal and collect your commission.

Try to ell the Third Party insurance package(In case your website is offering the same) too to the customer. To see what all packages available on Third party insurance refer to company reference note. Select city to view the right package for the customer.

For First Party or Comprehensive Insurance , let the dealer login to your company’s App/website and select services and then Comprehensive insurance. Fill in details and get the insurance.


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