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How does Ganpati Festival affects Bike sale


Ganpati is a big festival in Maharashtra and is fast catching up in other states too. However Normally the bikes sales goes up in festivals. However the bikes sales requires the customer visit to the dealers place and a lot of customers prefer to visit shop in the evening. During Ganpati the road are blocked in late afternoon to late night due to continual Ganpati Visarjans through out the festival. Primarily the number of visarjans is very high till first 11 days. People are involved with festivities and so are the bike dealers too. they open up the shop early and try to close early . Business takes a bit of hit because of this.

Also a lot of guys have seasonal businesses like playing instruments or offering services like transportation or removal of pandals etc. Now the usually guys employed at the bike shops are more likely to be doing the aforementioned part-time activities in Ganpati. this also causes the poor attendance at shops. Because of this shops may not remain open for long duration or may close for some time during festival.

Immediately after Ganpatis are the Shradhs , now Shradhs are not considered good buy new vehicles.Shradhs are observed for 15 days and this further plummets down the sale for next fifteen days.

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