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How Maine Pyar Kiya affected us as teenagers


Some movies leave a lasting impression. Among many movies like Bobby in 60’s , Love Story 80’s, There was Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Maine Pyar Kiya in late 80’s. I was a teenager then and every new movie release used to be a big gossip topic in the towns and small cities.  Let me describe the craze that we had when Maine Pyar Kiya was released.

Movie was a great Hit in across the Hindi speaking regions of India . It was  considered another milestone in  teenage love stories of Hindi Cinema, which includes Bobby , Love Story, Qayamat Se Qayamat TakMaine Pyar Kiya. Indian audience had the taste of two great teenage love stories after a long time. People loved this movie.

We were teenage students then and almost everyone was talking abut this movie. That was the era of magnetic tape recorder cassettes. We used to look for the friend who had the cassette of Maine Pyar Kiya movie. That’s how we made some new friends as well. 🙂  We used to play the songs of entire movie throughout the day during our holiday.

It was not uncommon to hear some of the dialogues of the movie in our gossip time. Some dialogues which got very popular were:

“No Sorry and No Thank you in friendship”
“Ek Ladka aur ek Ladjki kabhi Dost nahi hote.”

That was the first time when we realized that even Love marriages are possible.Of course love marriages used to happen earlier as well but for us it was our first hint to the real possibility.I was just in my middle school then. The movies represented our generation and we thought we also could do something like that.

Before this we saw only arranged marriages in reality and Love marriages were only heard in movies. Somehow the movies touched the corner in our heart where it said that it could be possible for us. I don’t know if I can convey how I actually felt at that time.

Maine Pyar Kiya made the love marriage a reality in even a small town as well. We heard of some love marriages from our older friends as well.  We also learnt that it was okay to fall in love even in teenage also. We felt that we have grown enough to find our love and it really made us feel different.

It was an  empowering feeling at that time. Just out of the age when we are under the strict restrain of our parents, loving your beautiful neighborhood girl secretly was a wonderful feeling. Some of us revealed the love to our beloved and most of us couldn’t muster the courage to tell our girl.

We kept on thinking bout our love  and the possibility of beautiful future with her.  The feeling elation after just talking to our secret love was indescribable. Gosh I miss those days.

We used to hear the stories of how teenage couples used to elope. Most of the times parents relented but sometimes it didn’t used to go as they planned. Real world demands a lot.

Almost every Boy wanted a girlfriend like Bhagyashree. 🙂  Well we all got our Bhagyashrees in our own time, but that phase was unforgettable.

I still feel somehow a lot of acceptance for Love Marriages, came to our conservative Indian society after these movies,.

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