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Who had better childhood, our parents, us or our children?


We often wonder whether the previous generation had better times or we are having better now. I was born into late seventies and spent my childhood in 80’s. My parents were early 50’s born and by he early half of the 60s they childhood finished. Still what was our childhood was their prime youth and middle age.

Our parents claimed to have sen better days when they were given more autonomy to attain their education and make their own arrangements in a foreign city. If they wanted to go for higher studies. The degrees used to be enough to get a good job and almost every one knew everyone not only our village but at least in five to seven surrounding villages. People were known by reputations and food and living was b=never a problem.

Times have changed a lot since what I can remember. We didn’t have electricity earlier and it came to our village in early eighties. Before we used to to put earthen lamps and . lanterns in every nook of our house. We used to gather with our Dadaji on the front portion of the house.That was our sleeping place sometime as this was the area for grown up men. We used to be very happy with the prospect of listening stories form our Dadajis. Living in a combined family gives you multiple grandparents as all the younger brother of our direct Dada(Grandfather) were all given same respect and we could listen different stories at times. So the trade was mutual, we used to press the legs of our Dadaji and thus the seva to elders and they used to tell us the stories.
I never get a feel of mystery and anticipation with tele-serials of these days even till now.We never used to worry that fields used to produce sufficient grains and vegetables for us.The Cowherds used to give us milks more than we could consume. We had to move to city for the sake of modern education and so called social growth.
Education was revered in our houses so everything was considered secondary to education.

A lot of time has elapsed till then Now my children study in International Cambridge broad in a most prominent metro in the country. But I can see how much we are pressurizing our kids these days for education and achievement.Even the children have become more complex now some are even more nasty than what we used to witness in our childhood. God knows how are they learning all this. On a positive side our children access to all the latest technology and information and have the advantage of being served by great modern means of imparting education . Learning is not that boring though as it was in our childhood.

…..write conclusion…..


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