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Dumb guy ruining Turtlemint insurance brokers


How Turtlemint guys are fooling their customers. Turtlemint is a wannabe be insurance brokers for vehicles and health. Now never take services of these brokers if you want to avail the general insurance.Always try to reach the parent company itself for the services. Brokers are here to make money and will not help you much in case you claim is getting rejected by parent insurance company itself. However I had a third party insurance released by them for my vehicle. First these guys said that they can issue the policy in 30mins as y other auto dealers do i the market. However I had to wait at least 3 days in to get my policy and that also when I pursued with them incessantly. The time take could be forgiven t=but they way the guys spoke to us on phone was absolutely unprofessional. The guys taking was just talking himself without even caring ti listed what I was saying.What kind of service is this when you don’t want to listen to your own customer. Hilarious team behind phone. The guys talking claimed be to be a very high level person in organization.I pity if this was the high level guy , what kind of culture they are trying to develop in the company. This gave me a lot of insight about the company and I deceived to sever my ties off from the company. I moved on to the insurance provider company directly and we feel much better dealing with them rather than dealing with unprofessional and rude insurance brokers like them. I later cam to know that the dumbo talking on phone was some Shuvamay Chowdhary. Truly speaking the guys like this do more harm to the company then their competitors.

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