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Karmic Mechanism to change Fate & Life Span of a person


How to change Prarabdha and Life Span of a person

According to reincarnation principle of Sanatan Dharam a persons life is sum of his Karmas(acts) from previous and his current life.

Life Span of a person is determined by ‘Prarabdha’ which is further determined by our previous karma…

‘Karmafal'(Result of Karma) is of three types…

  • Sanchit ( The accumulated karma)
  • Prarabdha (This is also called Fate) and
  • Karmas of current birth…..

Burning Karmas of current Life:

When a person tries to change his Prarabdha(Fate) then he has to burn all his previous Karmas. In the process of burning karma, a person has to burn his Karmas of Current birth first.

Brahmans do Trikal(Three times) Sandhya, during this they chant Gayatri mantra. This burns their daily sins and keeps them free from futher bondage in karmas.

However the grave Karams will have to borne anyways someday in this life or another. Like Bhishma Pitamah had to lie on the bed of arrows because of a sin committed in 80th previous life. Lord Krishna had to die from the arrow of a Hunter in sam emanner he killed Bali in hi sprevious incarnation of Lord Ram. Though he was God and was not bound for anything but yet he chose to set the right example for the people.

Burning Sanchit Karma:

‘Sanchit Karmas’ are the accumulation of all karmas of a Soul arisen from his acts in all of his previous lives. It is said that soul takes approximately 8.4 million births in order to achieve the human body. The accumulated karmas are carried out from one birth to another and are dissipated partially in every birth as a part of Prarabdha. Sanchit/Samchit karma can be mitigated by penance(Tapasya) , Meditation, Austerity practices( Sadhana) and name chanting of Prabhu(God).

Which Karmas from Sanchit karmas will be faced by a soul in a birth is decided by ‘Vidhata’. Vidhata in its pure primordial vibration environment let the soul realise his mistakes and choose what all karmic account he will settle in next birth.

Once accumulated Sanchit Karma is finished then ‘Prarabdha’ can be burnt.

Burning Prarabdha Karma:

Prarabha is the blueprint of the fate a person for a lifespan. Its a broad framework of a written program for his current life. This is the karmic account that sould will settle in his current lifespan.

Prarabdha Karma’s can be burnt only after all Sanchit karmas and current karmas of the present life are burnt. This is the reason Prarabdha which is written by Vidhata is very hard to change because only after burning all other of this life and Sanchit karma you can change it.

People who curse God for their miseries are oblivious to the fact that Prarabdha is written by their own previous Karmas. And it has been accepted by himself with cosmic karmic account settler Vidhata.

Prarabdha determines the broad framework of your life span, your nature, your fate, and your family, friends, and acquaintances and major happenings in life.

Your own karma can enhance or decrease the intensity of these. Also new karmas determine your further course of life but usually within the framework of Prarabdha of life and creates the base for future Prarabdha of next birth.

This does not mean Prarabdha cannot be changed, this can be changed with great effort in right direction and austerity and ‘Punya'(Merit earned by Good deeds). This can also be changed by the grace of great sages like Shankaracharya did for the poor old Brahaman lady in return for feeding him an Amla fruit and composed Kanakdhara strota hymn in process which initiated an instant rainfall of gold coins for the poor old Brahman lady.

Prarbdha can also be changed by chanting God’s name. Tulsidas has alos said Kaliyug Keval Naam adhaara..

Just by chanting name of the Lord, the Papa karmas are burned. However, this has to be done with pure mind and genuine remorse for your bad action and with a condition that you will not repeat them again.

While Michael Jackson did so many things to change his Prarabdha in the right direction to keep him healthy. He had 12 doctors at his service. The life span is actually a play of mother nature which will create a reason for a person’s departure from this world when their time is done. It’s still hard to beat her at this game because she has given birth to every single one of us.

Yogis who have transcended the limit of Prakriti live a long life of 100,200 it even 500 years. However then after a point the necessity of this mortal body itself finishes. With yoga they become ‘Atmroopa’ and are beyond the Prakriti limits.


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