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Importance of visiting Temples-How our wishes get fulfilled by visiting temples?


Mechanism of wish fulfillment in temples-Benifits of visiting Temples

There Is great importance of temples in Hinduism. We are often fascinated by world-famous temples of Mata Vaishno Devi temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, or Tirupati Balaji. However visiting these faraway places is always not very easy because of lack of time in today’s hectic lifestyle, lack of money and resources.

Temples are ubiquitous in India. However, people pay a visit to them only on special occasions. Most of us have got our own small temples in houses, our little Pooja place however the temples of public places are ignored. With the growing culture of western imitation and atheism, the number of People visiting temples has been on a constant decline. They think that going to temples as backward practice.

Many of us are not even aware of the significance of local temples. These local temples are equipped with their very own special powers. Temple at any place is a very powerful entity. Any temple where Pooja is being done daily, is a very powerful center of energy vibrations.

Usually, People go to temples with some requests or wishes to Deity. Few go there for peace of mind and some go there to seek guidance from learned people too. The could be various other reasons also why people go to temples.


However, what we do not know is that not only as human beings go to the temples but also the otherworldly spirits also visit these temples. Among this, there would be Siddhas, enlightened souls and spirits, yakshas, Gandharvas, Veers, Nayak’s and the souls of ghosts who are repenting for their sins. Some of them therefore Mukti or Sadgati. And some great souls it the resting place with their Ishta Diety.

These are very powerful beings. They can make changes in your life for good or bad. And they have got a certain level of liberty to do so because of powers bestowed upon them by their otherworldly existence(Yoni).

They also are devotees of the same Deity of the temple, that you are praying to. This forms a common bond between you and them. They would be also sitting in the temple no one can see them. If your cause is right, they could help you with the problem annd by the permission of Lord they also grant your wishes.

It is an act of ‘Punya’ for them. They use their divine energies to do something good for us mortal beings. This is something similar to what we do in temples, the good acts to earn great merits(Punya). For example, donating to the poor, feed them, distribute clothes etc. These are all acts of good merit. Similarly this great divine beings also do the work for us in order to propitiate their Ista Deity of the temple.

So there is a group of great beings who also listen to the prayers. If the problems are not caused by your ‘Prarabdha’ then they will easily help you out. Prarabdha is your fate ordained by the Supreme force because of your previous Karma in past lives.

So next time when you go to the temple make sure that you also do an act of kindness to others. Because your wish fulfillments could also be an act of kindness buy some other higher beings.

When you go to the temple you should try and sit for sometime facing the Deity in a secluded zone where no one disturbs you. Absorb the peace tranquility of the temple.

It is sad that even a single glance of enlightened Masters, Devas brings a positive change in your life. Their glance at you burns away some of your negative Karma. This is the reason why sages use to stay far away in remote places and forest. Because burning away the sins drains a little bit of their penance power everytime. The idol of the Deity has a living presence. Your eyes may be seeing only a statue, but actually it is enlightened higher being sitting in front of you.

Sit aside in the temple for sometime. Look at the idol with devotion and affection and feel him looking at you.Think and feel him as a real presence and of his oneness with the infinite Parmatma.
The gaze of the Idol will burn away your sins every time you visit the temple. It is somewhat similar to the Darshan of enlightened saints. Saints actually

Practice this next time when you visit the temple and you should see some positive changes for sure in short time.

And make sure that you to visit temples more regularly have more faith in the divine.

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