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What is Tripura State named after?


North eastern state of India Tripura is lesser known. Most of the people will that Agartala is the capital of Tripura. Like other sister states of north eastern Himalayas, the natural beauty of Tripura is pristine and rich.

Tripura has a long been an important center of Tantra practices during ancient times.

It has been named after Goddess Tripur Sudnari or Tripur Bhairavi.

While some also may say that it has been derived from the powerful demon Tripur ( Tr=three, Pura=Cities) had three floating cities sin sky. Lord Shiva fought that demon and destroyed his cities.


WHile we are not sure about the second one but as per the Tantriks the Goddess Tirpur Sundari has been long teh presiding deity of Tripura.

Mahashakti Tripur Sundari

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