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Is Dhaka named after a Devi?


Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh. Today Bangladesh is an Islamic country but Bengal has long been a hub of Tantrik sadhanas. There are numerous Shakti peethas in then undivided Bengal.

Dhakeshwari Devi Temple, Dhaka, Bangal Desh

Among other shaktipeethas Dhakeshwari Devi shaktipeeth was very important peetha in Dhaka. Dhaka city was named after this Dhakeshwari Devi shakti peeth.

Sadhakas and students of tantra used to perform various sadhanas in Dhakeshwari Shaktipeeth and other parts of Bengal.

It is all Mother Nature’s play. The Land so rich and so important for Tantra and sadhana today is in the hand of Islamic jihadis who do not know the importance and real power of Devi pooja. Some say the time only is the strongest. When mother Nature wants no one would be able to stop the spread and victory of Sanatan Dharma in these land of Shaktipeethas.

Shiva Temples of Dhakeshwari Devi ,Dhaka, Bangladesh


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