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Methods to Awaken Third eye- Ajna Chakra


Ajna Chakra is situated the deep inside the brain . Its area of effect is considered between eyebrows. When Yogis awaken all their Chakras, before reaching the final chakra of Sahastrar in top of head they have to penetrate Ajna Chakra.

Once Ajna Chakra is penetrated they see a divine blue light , shaped like Java flower. This is most important step in achieving state of Samadhi and final liberation.

To penetrate Ajan charka there are different available methods. We are mentioning a few here;

Dhyana Method:

In this method person tries and brings his concentration between his eyebrows. His complete attention is at this point only. Wearing a Tilak, Sandal paste between eyebrow is a part of this practice only. Once a Tilak there automatically the attention goes on that point repeatedly. More frequently the attention goes more it brings awareness in Ajna chakra. However this Tika has to be done at right place, because different person may have Ajna kshetra at slightly different points. However the main idea is to bring the attention at that point only. Usually people can feel this point by putting their forefinger near between eyebrows and they can locate the exact point for them.

Most effective practice is: Sitting for meditation and concentration on this Ajna point brings speedy success.

Hathayoga Method:

In this method, yogis practice to run up they eyeball upwards and bring them together at Ajna point. However this is not easy as it takes long time to completely turn up the eyeballs and achieve this state. But with constant practice this can be achieved. Once this state is achieved, the moment both irises meet at Ajna point the Ajna chakra is activated and spiritual experiences start.

Tibetan Method:

In this method the Tibetan Lamas use a very secretive technique in which they physically penetrate the Ajna point by specific method and this penetrate Ajna chakra. It is important to note that this method is risky and very secretive. Also if such person does not change from within the powers achieved by this can corrupt him. An overall spiritual elevation of the person is must to achieved and retain such siddhis.

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