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How to get rid of BrahmaRakshasa-By Aughad Shri KaluRam


BrahmaRakshasa are most feared among all kind of Preta(Ghosts ) Yonis. It is said a single BrahmaRakshasa could have more than hundred ‘Churails'(Churail/Chudail-Another kind of dreaded female ghost) and other powerful ghosts under him. BrahmRakshasa is usually considered most powerful type of creatures.

Aughad Kalu Ram is a Tantrik and tells us about this dreaded creature.

BrahmRakshasas are actually highly learned Brahman usually they have done tantrik sadhanas themselves when they were alive. However they do not live an ethical life or commit some kind of grave crime. This bad karma obstructs the liberation of their soul and they get stuck in BrahmRakshasa form in their afterlife.

In another situation if such Brahman die in some accident then also they may be stuck with this form. However if the soul has been pure , it could be of helping nature even in their after life.

Aughad Kalu Ram says that “ShriMad Bhagawad Geeta’s 8th chapter verses should be recited in front of the affected person. This actually helps BrahmRakshasa to get freedom from his this negative from and move on on his soul’s journey further.


ब्रह्मराक्षस को कैसे खत्म करें , तांत्रिक विद्या औघड बाबा कालू राम जी की:
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