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Parad Vidya


Parad means Mercury. Parad Vidya is an ancient science of India, Parad/Mercury is used in various preparations to bring about the rejuvenatiosn of human body. There are four streams in Parad Vidya too.

  • Kaam Kala Kalp
  • Akshay Yauvan Kalp
  • Manas Kalp
  • Kaya Kalp

Kaam kala kalp is used to obtain virility and superlative sexual prowess.

Akshay yauvan Kalp brings the everlasting youth to humans.

Manas kalp bring up the brilliance of mental and intellectual process.


Kaya Kalp brings up a disease free , always fit and youthful body till the death. Lethargy is forgone . Whiet hair become black, Eyesight is back to normal . Face of the person become full of luster. This literally means that person attains young age body even in old age as well.

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