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Why should we not allow Pigeons to make nest inside home


Two pigeons made nest in my balcony . I noticed this when they had already laid eggs. I told about this to my relatives and sought their advice. They said that I should remove the nest as soon as the eggs are hatched and baby pigeons start flying. That way I would get rid of them in is best humane way. I was puzzled first but did as my relatives said. Actually by the time baby pigeons were able to fly that corner of my balcony had became a mess with pigeon droppings and it was not a very pretty sight.

I dug deeper and found out actually why people avoid pigeon inside their houses. They may make some arrangement for them in their garden or outside but never in the balcony or roof.

It is said that wherever pigeons make nest and accumulate pigeon droppings , the place starts attracting negative energies, ghosts and spirits.

The famous Chet Singh Fort in Varanasi, (Uttar Pradesh , India) on Ganges Ghats is said to have been cursed by an Aghori. Aghori gave a curse that Pigeons will shit in this palace and it became true. Today inside the fort pigeon have made nest and there is pigeon shit all around. Chet Singh fort is a haunted place now. Famous writer Shri Arun Kumar Sharma has written many stories related to Chet SIngh fort. Britishers, Hindus and Muslims died in the fort in due course of time and it became a haunted place in due course of time.

On way or another pigeon shit is related to this ill fated place. Given the untidiness and negative energies it is definitely a good idea to not to allow them to make nest inside your living places. On humane grounds make arrangements for them outside in garden or elsewhere.

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