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Spoken Sanskrit Series – Episode 1 “Basic Introductions”


Sanskrit is the oldest language in the World. It is the soul of ancient Vedic culture of India. Though very few people (15k as per an estimate) are left who still can speak this ancient language, there is re-surging interest in reviving Sanskrit again.

Yang Qu and Abhinav Seetharaman from Columbia University have started a series on youtube to teach this language in easy to understand and more in case of modern day situations.

Lets start with some Basic conversation points. Basic Introduction phrases first:

Hello= Namo Namah ( नमो नम:  )

My name is Abhinav: Mama nāma abhinava: ( मम् नाम अभिनव: )


What is your name?: bhavata: nāma kim?( भवत: नाम किम् ?)

How are you?: bhavān katham asti? ( भवान् कथम अस्ति |)

I’m doing well: aham samyak asmi ( अहम सम्यक  अस्मि|)

Thank you: dhanyavāda: (  धन्यवाद: )

Nice to meet you: melanena bahu santoṣa: ( मेलनेना बहु सन्तोषा  )

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