June 10, 2023

Spoken Sanskrit Series – Episode 2 “Occupation and Places of Origin”


Welcome to the second episode of Spoken Sanskrit Series. In this episode, titled “Occupation and Places of Origin”, we introduced a couple of new phrases. Here is a list of them:

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Where are you from? “bhavān kutaH āgacchati?” (भवान कुत: आगच्छति?)

for female: “bhavatī kutaH Agacchati?” ( भवति कुत: आगच्छति?)

I am from India: “aham bhāratadeshataH āgacchāmi” ( अहम्   भारत देशता: आगच्छामि )

I am from China: “aham China deshataH āgacchāmi” ( अहम्  चिन देशता: आगच्छामि )

I am from America: “aham america deshataH āgacchāmi” ( अहम्  अमेरिका देशता: आगच्छामि )

What do you do? “bhavān kim karoti?” (भवान  किम करोति  ?)

for female: “bhavatī kim karoti?” ( भवति किम करोति  ?)

I am a student (male): “aham cchātraH asmi” ( अहम् छात्र:  अस्मि )

I am a student (female): “aham cchātrā asmi” ( अहम् छात्रा:  अस्मि )

I am a doctor (male): “aham vaidyaH asmi” ( अहम् वैद्य: अस्मि )

I am a doctor (female): “aham vaidyā asmi” ( अहम् वैद्या : अस्मि )

I am an engineer (male): “aham abhiyantā asmi” ( अहम् अभियन्ता : अस्मि )

I am an engineer (female): “aham abhiyantrī asmi” ( अहम् अभियन्त्रि: अस्मि )

I am a teacher (male): “aham adhyāpakaH asmi” ( अहम् अध्यापक: अस्मि )

I am a teacher (female): “aham adhyāpikā asmi” ( अहम् अध्यापिका: अस्मि )

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