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Karolina Goswami- Foreigners who love India and Hinduism


Karolina Goswami is Polish by birth. She was born in southern part of Poland. Like many other Europeans she didnt know about India very much. She had never visited country before 2014. She got married to an Indian national Anurag Goswami and came to India in 2014. She had never evene tried Indian food a few years ago but now landed up in a country which was widely ciriticised and unfairly reported by biased media.

She faced stereotyped questions like : “Do you feel safe in India? Men are rapists there and for sure you, as a white skin blond hair girl, are much more in danger.” She realized soon that that so many people were criticizing India even though they have never visited it. Finally she decided to dig deep to know the real truth about India and Hinduism.  

It was not love at the first sight for her initially but she started discovering more and more about India and its culture and unknown facets of Indians. She began to enjoy the life in this country . She found out that India is full of contrast but for every little upset soon there are bigger things to cheer up. She realized that she has ushered her into an extra ordinary world . It has changed her life completely and she fell in love with India wholeheartedly.

She also realized that that people in Europe and western world are not aware of the beauty of this country and most of them were biased because of media. 

She needed months to understand India and come to terms with it. She wanted to share her findings with those who were just prejudiced as her before she came to India. She is and Engineer and wanted to give facst and data rather than just giving lectures.


She started making videos on social media and gave the information that outsiders need to understand India, Indian society and its people. Her posts are always based on facts, information and data.

She has been very successful in breaking the stereotypes about India. Indians should be thankful to her selfless act. She has gained wide popularity and is also followed by a lot of foreigners and NRI community as well. her core strength is her ingenuous ability to express her views in a simple and clear language which are backed by true facts.

Karolina is an Engineer by profession and She had been working in Poland before she started to live with her husband in India. Her husband Anurag Goswami is into furniture business.

Karolina came to lime light after her video about Indian economy that became viral on social media. Here other popular documentaries include India is Future Super power-India is reclaiming her rightful position. Her documentary on demonetization was viewed by millions of people. She talks about India, Yoga and its contribution to the world. 

In Karolina’s own words:

Hi, I am Karolina Goswami. A few years ago, I left a promising career to start a social media channel because I wanted to challenge the common media stereotypes of India. I was not afraid, because I wanted to represent all that is ethical and moral. I wanted the world to know the sides of India that are not fully known or understood. If you are tired of politically motivated channels, If you are keen to broaden your perspective, then my data driven work should interest you. My researches, my investigations, and my interactions with people require a lot of traveling, personal sacrifices, and money. I am emotionally connected to what I do, and logical reasoning satisfies me Since you are here, I also suggest you to check out our crowdfunding page-




Her Youtube Channel is : India In Details

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International Channel: : Lesser known facts and stories from around the world.

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