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François Gautier- Foreigners who love India and Hinduism


Francois Gautier is great scholar of Sanatan Dharma. In spite of coming from France he is more rooted for Hindus ,compared to many so called seculars of Hinduism. His work speaks for itself. He has been in India since eighties and working for the cause of Hinduism.

François Gautier was born in 1950 in Paris, France. He did not like the Catholic education he received in his school. Consequently he was transferred to several reputed boarding schools across Europe. There also he was expelled several times. His final formal education was at IDRAC business school. He dropped out from there and started working for a newspaper.

Gautier first came to India in 1969, as part of a trans-world journey, at the age of 19 .It was the first wave of migrants of international village Auroville in Pondicherry. Gautier was accompanied by the son of Charles François Marie Baron, Pondicherry’s last French governor. Auroville is named after famous spiritual teacher, Philosopher and Guru Sri Aurobindo.

Francois Gautier was deeply impressed with Sri Aurobindo’s writings. He stayed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram initially where his encounters with Mirra Alfassa influenced him to further prolong his stay. Gautier went on to stay at Sri Aurobindo Ashram for about seven years.


Gautier works as a journalist in India since 1971. He has served as the “South Asian” correspondent for the French-language newspaper Le Figaro. He is also the founder of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History in Pune which is a private museum that houses exhibits on Indian history.

Gautier is deeply loves Sanatan Dharma and keeps on writing and revealing the false stereotypes casted  on Hinduism. He emphasizes the fact that Hindus need to defend themselves from the attacks divisive external forces. He has been ardent and extremely consistent in his approach to bring an uprise of Hinduism. He is definitely a worthy son of Mother India from a distant land.

Gautier instead wrote the book The Wonder That Is India. Later, the website Hinduism Today republished it online. Following this, Gautier wrote several other books. Gautier has also worked on a book about the martial art Kalaripayattu of South India with photographer Raghu Rai.

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