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Jeremy and Tish Aka Professor & Warrior Queen-Foreigners who love India and Hinduism


Jeremy- Popularly known as Professor, is goofy , Lovable, Self proclaimed Co-protector of India and Fervently in love with India . In fact, at times he might out Indian even Indian guys in his conversation within his own Indian friend circle.

Jeremy and Tish host the Youtube channel ‘The Movie Community College ‘. Their channel has movie reviews and reaction videos and most of their almost 3 thousand videos, focus on India.

Professor’s love for India is evident in almost all his videos. He is genuinely affected by everything happening in India and as concerned about as any other Indian would be.

Professor likes to watch Ramayana episodes. Reviews the movie trailers and cricket videos , actually anything which could give him more insight into India and its people.

He was greatly agitated when Pathankot attack happened and elated when Surgical strikes happened. He is open abut his love for India and despises the enemies of India. This is why his subscriber base does not have any Pakistanis.


Tish- The Warrior Queen, is wife of Jeremy and shares the passion of Professor- The Love for India. She is the one who keeps the enthusiasm of Professor to normal levels . She is sweet, affectionate and a lovely mother figure to their subscribers.

Its heartening to hear the opening greeting from them:

Mere Pyare Mirton! Namaste ! Mera naam Tish hai! App sab kaise hain?”

Their Youtube channel is named ‘The Movie Community College’.

Do subscribe to their channel. Helping those who help India is actually helping yourself.

Jeremy’s link to his Youtube channel and his radio station is given below:

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