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Depth of Ancient Indian Counting System|Indian Number System


Our Ancient mathematicians have created a name for themselves. Long before English education system uprooted our ancient rich wisdom and superior knowledge in Mathematics. Our vedic schools provided a very rich and robust knowledge system we know as indian number system(Indian counting system).

The foundation and craze for mathematics which our teachers still have today is somewhere indebted to this system. India produces best Engineers today in world, the foundation laid by forefathers somewhere has also aided for their success.

We know the Zero has been given by India. But still do you know that numbers itself that we use 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are all been derived from Indian number system itself. English took it from Arabs and call it Arabic numerals while Arabs themselves took it from India and their it its called ‘Hindasa’ means from Hind.

Decimal system has been gifted from India again.

The Indian counting system for numbering is very organized and for every Ten times increase there is a denotation assigned. This has been give in the table below. While English number only had till Billion. Recently they came up with additional number names for every 10 raise to 3 , or thousand time increase. This is very recent development when they they had to use bigger numbers for scientific calculations.

Though now they have come up with Vigintillion-10 raise to power 63 and Googol – 10 raise to power 100. Still a lot of number in between have been left.

Sl no.NumberIn Power (10 raise to)Name in Ancient Indian SystemIn  HindiEnglish Equivalent
310003Hazar (Sahastra)हज़ार (सहस्त्र)Thousand
4100004Das Hazar (Sahastra)दस हज़ारTen Thousand
51000005Lakhलाख (लक्ष)Hundred Thousand
610000006Das Lakhदस लाखMillion
7100000007Croreकरोड़Ten Million
81000000008Das Croreदस करोड़Hundred Million
101000000000010Das Arabदस अरब 
12100000000000012Das Kharabदस खरबTrillion
1410000000000000014Das Neelदस नील 
161000000000000000016Maha Padmमहा पद्म 
18100000000000000000018Maha Shankhमहा शंखQuintillion 
2010000000000000000000020Maha Antyaमहा अन्त्या 
221000000000000000000000022Maha Madhyaमहा मध्या 
24100000000000000000000000024Maha Paradhमहा पारधSeptillion
2610000000000000000000000000026Maha Dhoonमहा धून 
281000000000000000000000000000028Maha Ashohiniमहा अशोहिनी

Write a number and get it converted into Indian number system,

If interested , you can download the table from here.


Q1. महा अशोहिनी- Maha Ashohini

A. 10000000000000000000000000000 = 10 to the Power of 28

Q2. 1 खरब में कितने करोड़

A. 1000 करोड़

Q3. 10 खरब में कितने करोड़

A. 10000 करोड़

Q4. भारतीय संख्या पद्धति में लिखिए 72705062

A. 7 करोड़ 27 लाख 5 हज़ार बासठ

Q5. भारतीय संख्या पद्धति में लिखिए 50801592

A. 5 करोड़ 8 लाख 1 हज़ार बावन बे

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6 Comments on “Depth of Ancient Indian Counting System|Indian Number System”

  1. Excellent, informative and educational post, for all of us, whether of Indian origin or otherwise.
    (minor typo error noticed, if that could be fixed ie Maha Shankh should be 10 to the power of 18 instead of 16 mentioned in the table).

    As the number system goes in multiples of 10s, with each multiple having a specific name, it was equally suitable for addressing small or very large numbers. Obviously it was geared up for and applicable to advanced learning and astronomical calculations, which was another praise worthy pursuit and forte of ancient India.

    Above is just one of the many exemplary marvels of ancient India, so when we say “Mera Bharat Mahan”, we should say that not in a light way but from our hearts. A country is not merely a piece of land mass, but actually made up by its people, so we all should strive to regain and bring back our past glory. Jai Bharat!!

  2. Thank you Sir for pointing out the error…Will be fixed asap.

    Great to see that post is useful to our readers.

    Jay Hind! Mera Bharat Mahan!


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