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Create Mailers, Gmail Integration- Tips & Tricks Video Links


1. How to create beautiful Emails in Gmail

Click on + sign and download Bee Template and design it Design

Second option Design Mail in Google Docs with font, URL links etc…Just copy and paste in in email .Save this as template.

2. How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

Gmail–>Settings–>Advanced—>Template—> Activate this__> You will get template option while writing email on right bottom corner where 3 verticals dots are there. Drop down it and you will see template options which will help you to save: your designed template . Same mail can be sent to many without having to write it again.


3.Create business email id free | Google 2-step verification setup | Gmail (Hindi) | Techno Vedant

4. How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

5. Configure Gmail to send/receive email via your Hostgator Email server

6. Free Email Marketing Templates For Gmail | Email Template Design Tutorial In Hindi | Email Marketing

Chrome gmail template App Could HQ Feature use reference

  1. Free HTML Editor: Feature-Rich
  2. Gmail Email Templates: Feature-Rich
  3. Book Meetings! Avoid scheduling headaches with Meeting Scheduler for Gmail
  4. Auto BCC for Gmail : Feature-Rich!
  5. Gmail Label and Email Sharing: Feature Rich CRM tool!
  6. Gmail Auto Follow Up: Feature-Rich!
  7. Free Email Tracker Helps You Know Who Opens Your Emails
  8. Email Tracker for Gmail: Feature Rich, and Free!
  9. How to bulk forward multiple emails in Gmail at once 2021
  10. Create a Unique URL Link for Your Email Conversation
  11. Save Emails to PDF: Full features you can use
  12. Save All Emails to PDF
  13. How to send a Halloween email campaign to your clients

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