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Baba Shiva Das-Italian Sadhu who lived his life in India


Baba Shiva Das was an Italian who became a Hindu sanyasi and lived his life in India. He recently departed from his earthly abode in last year.

He first visited India in 1974. India’s population was 60 crores at that time which was nearly half of what it is today in 2021. It was time of radio and movie theatres. Landline phones were very rare and mostly in cities only. TVs were not a thing in India by then, Water of Ganges was much clearer as pollution was much lesser.

Saints and Sanyasi carried much more respect and it was good teachings of our culture was more strongly prevalent in our society during that time.

Baba Shiv Das came from musical background . He was lead guitarist and later on became sadhu.

In this video shown here, he reveals a lot on his learnings which he has imbibed from our Sanantan Dharm culture.


When he said “I don’t see people, I see souls, it’s all about spirituality, not religion” made me realize how much our Indian culture is getting saturated and misunderstood because somewhere the teachings are not being taught without proper background study.

He said a true thing “There is problem because there is no love”. This is so true as today people are blinded by their religious dogmas or their own small interests. It blocks their view to see other human being as an extension of that one cosmic soul.

When asked abut how do you see the see here. Baba Replied

“I don’t see people, I see souls….people are “Maya” you know, I only see souls…

This is so deep thoughts. Baba is firmly established in core principals of Sanatan Dharma. There is something Magical about Sanatan Dharma that once you dive into it you don’t want to come out of it.

He has been living in India and Varanasi for so long. He has well versed in local dialect of Banarasi Hindi as well. At 4:59 mins of video the way he said “Theek hai Maharaj” it doesn’t look that he is a foreigner.

Mark Twain said it right.. Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together. It has that effect on the people.

One of the users say “I’ve travelled almost 20 countries on this planet.. I’ve visited all the 7 wonders of this World And yet none of those places/cities come close to the charm & magical vibes which exist on all the streets & banks of Varanasi.”

At the start of video you can hear a guy saying that BABA ji didn’t read much stuff(maybe he may not have met him when he doing his ‘Swadhyay-Self study’ period). More so once the path is clear in front of a person then its more about yogic practices and realisation rather than reading stuff written by others.

Though Baba Shivdas live life in a peaceful and simple way…but I personally see an enlightened being inside him. The way he talks, the way he maintains his calm, the things he is talking about tattva, sadhana, shiv purana, shastra…all of this clearly indicate that he is well read learned being,

It is surreal feeling when Baba ji says that he feels one with everything,…..even the Noise. This is the level of attunement he has achieved. He is truly happy and free soul in real sense now.

Vishal Bhargav recalls an instance when he was sitting in a small tent on the ghat and was extremely thirsty. Baba Shiva Das was passing by he just looked at him and asked “do you want water”. A complete stranger Vishal felt something magical about him. May be wondered as well how he knew his predicament so easily.

Here out from some other users as well:

Radha Maria from Spain says

Radha Maria Spirit: I’m from Spain but I live in India I met baba ji 4 years ago in Varanasi . I’m glad to see him again in your video. Om Namo Narayan.

Gabriela Poetry: Wow very beautiful documentary ? I understand what he means when he says he felt in love with india…great work

We could easily say that He is from Italy but is dedicated and practitioner of Sanatan Dharm more than many average Indians. How surprising that once we hear a story of someone we suddenly feel attached. Hearing about his demise made us feel sad that such a beautiful soul isn’t anymore. We sincerely thank the person who took time out and took this wonderful interview. Indeed magical

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