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Nothing integrates mankind more than food


Watching “Itihaas ki thali se” made me realize how important a role food played in cultural integration and assimilation.
Britain’s most popular dish today is “Chicken Tikka Masala”.
Idli sambaar dosa is a household name today. It can be traced back to 900 AD.
Sharbat was formulated by the Mughals to get relief from Delhi heat and they used to get ice from the Himalayas….
Rosogolla spread its aura from Bengal to Gujarat to New Jersey.
The household ingredient “chilli” was a very recent import of the 16th Century from Mexico.
Coffee came from Arabia, Potato from Europe.
These imports are not very old. Just within a span of last 500 years.
Chinese food has made its impact all over the world. And it has several versions. I find the Indo-Chinese the best.
I have my own recipe passed on by my mom…. “Jeera wala Chilli Chicken”.

Black pepper originated in the Malabars and Europeans came looking for it. Once it was costlier than gold…

Nothing integrates mankind more than food….

This is season of elections. Next timeif some politicoans come to you to ask for Vote. Do not forget to feed them “Mirchi ka saalan”..

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