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The lionesses who did not give up their religion


In 1750’s Mir Manu, a mughal general, launched several campaigns to eradicate sikhs from his province of Punjab and Lahore. The exploits of war including women and children were kept in Mir Manu’s Jails where women given 3 times the normal heavy grain crushers and were asked to grind 60 kg of grain everyday or convert. Their new borns were tossed in air and caught on spears, then dismembered and often fed to the mothers or made into garlands and hung around their neck.

The sacrifice of these Khalsa women became a part of Daily Ardas in 1760’s and is still part of the Ardas (daily prayer) offered at Sikh Gurudwaras.

Everyday Sikhs pay homage to the “Singhnian jinna ne sawa sawa mann de pisne peese, bachiye de tota galean vich pavaye, par Dharm na haariya”. (The lionesses who grinded a ton of grain, who wore their torn kids around their necks, but did not give up their religion.)


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