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Bhagat Singh’s Atheism and Spirituality during freedom Struggle


When asked about Brahman and its nature, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa replied….

“Brahman cannot be known. Brahman cannot be desecrated by logic. Brahman is something which only can be understood, but cannot be explained. It takes the arduous effort of many births to get a glimpse of it.”

While some atheists give the example of Shri Bhagat Singh and say that Bhagat Singh said. ..” Ye sab bevakoof banane ka tarika hai”. Some people might not have read Bhagat Singh but may have watched his movie. They refer Bhagat Singh’s article. .. “Why I am an Atheist”. Bhagat Singh

However it is important to remind hat Bhagat Sigh was of very young age when he achieved martyrdom. His on;y passion was to see Mother India free and his whole and this was sole purpose of his life.


Talking of freedom fighters but lets talk about another freedom fighter Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh who later turned a Saint, and said very differently about Vedas and the Brahman.
There are a lot of books he has written. Many are freely available on internet if someone is interested.

Shri Aurobindo did not leave freedom struggle after becoming Saint though. He reached higher level of consciousness and found it difficult to deliver public life. But yet his meditative powers were only used for uplifting the spirit of nation and paving the way for freedom.

Saint who are sitting deep in caves are not idle they contribute more to society than ordinary people… The Tapas is the key to everything.. even the struggle is also a kind of Tapas. Gurus laid their lives against tyrant Muslims rulers to get a better life for us. In fact there were many freedom fighters who were saints or became big saints later on. Since they were not inclined to get recognition they were easily forgotten. The concept of Maa Bharati has come from Sant samaj only.

Talking about another Atheists, Carl Sagan also who was a complete atheist. Also Richard Dawkins whose “God Delusion” is a classic. He is also a big time atheist. But they did not conclude anything. They just explained the physical world as it can be observed. Here comes the problem….. ‘The limitation of observation’.

Before his death when Sagan was asked “What is your take on life after death.” Sagan replied, “I have no reason to believe that there is one. With my death everything ends.”

Nothing to be surprised of here as Sagan only believed what he had seen in his life. They are atheist. They explained the physical world only. They did not delve into the world of the spirits as they did not believe in it. How they can explain, when they don’t believe in this concept.

There is no reason for them to believe in something which we cannot explain or prove. We are the culmination of mostly our Gene’s and experiences. Nature and nurture. Till this point we have scientific validation about materialistic things only . Beyond that its mystery fro most of us.

However Astrology is one stream where there is not exact correlation cannot be established . But even If someone who doesn’t know us, just based on our birth time and birth location can tell incidents about our past life, accurate to the hour, the incidents which are very specific to us and very unlikely to happen in someone else’s life, there may be something in this universe beyond our limited understanding.

Skepticism is very essential but skepticism is based on what we know only.

As Vivekananda said…. “Believe in something only when you have completely convinced yourself.”
And he was the greatest disciple of Ramakrishna.

If u r not able to prove something then it doesn’t mean that you are right. Every thing doesn’t have evidences. The purpose is to say, first convince yourself then believe it.
We cannot spend our very short life going about proving everything. However there is something called common sense, which sometimes may not make sense.

On Shri RamsKrishna’s statement, that era between 1800-1950 was great spiritual era. Especially for Bengal..any great divine souls blessed earth during that period… RamKrishna Paramhansa was considered an Avatar himself.

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