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Health benefits of chanting Aum


Health benefits of chanting Aum

Aum is the primordial vibration.It was the first to originate. Aum is most sacred sound in our Sanatan Dharma. But it is more universal than we accept as of now.

Swami Yogananda’s Guru Shri Yukteshwarnath ji  has referred to it as the ‘Word’ which is mentioned in Bible too. There is a verse in Bible :

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”


Shri Yukteshwarnath ji said: “This verse of Bible can be only understood by the  AUM mentioned in Vedas .” When the formless  wanted to create the universe, first Word AUM appeared. This is the same word which is implied in Bible too.

Some may agree and some may not with above statement. Nonetheless, the scared sound AUM has is always reverberating in cosmos in perpetual unison in everything. Every particle of creation is singing the sacred sound at very subtle level . Yogis hear this sound in deep meditation .

Such profound sound does not have only spiritual benefits, but it has many physical benefits too.

AUM is made up of three characters.
A, U & M.
“A” means to be born,
“U” means the rise, flying, i.e. development,
“M” means to become silence, that is to say “to become one with universe (Brahmaleen)”

AUM is the origin of the entire universe and the sign of the whole creation.Universe starts with AUM and ends with AUM. Know How to pronounce healthier and adopt the way to the health …

The method of Chanting AUM:

How to chant AUM? Get up early in the morning, preferably 96 minutes (4 Ghadis) before sunrise and within 48 minutes(2 Ghadi) of sunrise. This duration of 144 minutes, is the ideal time, within this also sooner the better.

Once you have progressed advance enough, this can be done any other time as well. But in starting, Mornings are best time to tune your body, mind and spirit to this sacred practice.

However doing is better that not doing at all. So do not make timing an excuse. Although best results will be obtained in Morning and evening ‘Sandhi-Kaal’ ( Twilight time- Conjuncture of day & night ) .

Get free from your daily chores quick and sit for chanting. You may sit in in  Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Vajrasana or Sukahsana (as you normally sit on ground on cross legged position). Though proper Asanas (Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Vajrasana)  will give better results.

Pronounce AUM in deep resonating prolonnged voice like :


The sound of M has to be prolonged a little bit more than A and U. This helps you connect with your inner self.

You can pronounce it 5, 7, 10, 21 times as your time permits. The more you do better it is. 108ntime daily will be great.

You can start it loudly and slowly as you wish . Once you start doing it you will find your rhythm soon, mostly it ends in moderate deep resonating soothing voice.

You can use rosary in chanting too. Use Rudraksha Mala or , Tualsi Mala etc. as you wish.

Physical benefits of chanting AUM:

Chanting AUM renders following physical benefits:

(1) AUM and Thyroid:

Chanting AUM produces vibration in the throat. It induces a very positive effect on the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland is the first hand receiver of benefits as the sound of AUM is produced from throat only.

(2) AUM And nervousness:

If you have nervousness or impatience, then there is nothing better than chanting of AUM.

(3) AUM and stress:

It removes the toxic elements of the body, that it diminishes the intensity of the substances arising due to stress.

(4) AUM and blood flow:

It keeps the heart and blood flow balanced.

(5) AUM And digestion:

The digestive power is improved by pronunciation of AUM . For this Yo need to imagine the hot scorching SUN at the solar plexus while chanting AUM. This will ignite digestive fire more and thus help in digestion.

(6) AUM invigorates body:

AUM brings the vitality and vigor of to the body. Your body feels young again.

(7) AUM and fatigue:

The best way to reduce fatigue is to chant AUM. Chant AUM for few minutes before going to rest. you will wake more refreshed .

(8)AUM And sleep:

The problem of not getting sleep is removed in a short time. Chant AUM for 10 minutes before sleep while focusing  on point between your eyebrows with eye closed. You will have sound sleep  in no-time and will wake up more cheerful.

(9). AUM And lungs:

Doing it with some special pranayams makes it strong in the lungs. Do it along-with ‘Ujjayi Paranaym’ . Follow this with ‘Bhastrika’ for 20 times for best results. You will have strong and toxin free lung withing few months.

(10) AUM and spinal cord:

Vibration produces from the AUM chanting affects the spinal cord and its capacity increases.

(11) Turn away stress:

By uttering the whole body becomes stress-free. It has been known by the world over and has been used by Athletes, Actors and Top level executives across the Globe.

Hope you will be able to carve out some time for  AUM chanting daily  now. DO not wait Start today. START NOW!!



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