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Being away on your kid’s birthday


How does it feel to be away on your kid’s birthday

To many of us it is a great delight to be with our family on our children’s birthday. However if you happen to be away on this blissful occasion. It could be because of your job assignment or any other unforseen circumstances which are not in our control. What saddens us more that how our kids will be feeling about our absence. Specially if we have away for quite a while. We miss the every moment we spent on the last birthday we celebrated together. His joy on cutting the cake, his eagerness to meet their special friends and the enthusiasm to open up the gifts once the party is over. Kids might think that we fathers don’t feel the pinch of being absent on their birthday. But we miss it more than anyone would like to admit. Why not, as kids are our dream persona come true and we want to give them all the happiness that they could have in this world. We might be away but we feel more than they would know.

Your heart will melt on not being able to commit your presence on their birthday . You could feel the anticipation in their voice when they ask for your timely presence on this big yearly occasion of their lives. It takes really painful to not to  say yes  on their this simple question .

Even if you are away you can feel the glint dying away in their eyes on you denial. Connect to your kid was the reason for new motivation in your life and it feels like a part of you dying with your inability to be present on their birthday .

Dedicated to all fathers who are away from their kids on their birthday.


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