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Unpleasant experience in Delhi


Delhi is a very different city. With multiple of ethnicities and working social classes you have varied experience with different vendors and shops across the city.

I landed in Delhi and searched for someone who cloud fix my bag which has lost one of its rolling wheels because of right handling at airport. I caught metro and came to New Delhi railway station. I found one vendor who fixed up the bag. However I realized that this guy actually charged my 25% more than what he told me initially. Blatantly refusing what he quoted initially. It didn’t hurt me much as it was not a big amount. Besides I felt that since this guy was a roadside vendor so giving him a little extra should help this poor fellow.

However another day while traveling by auto this guy actually asked me more for what he quoted initially. Now I got suspicious, wondering whether this is the city culture of lower working class.

And decided to take couple of more rides by auto in my another meetings and same thing happened again. I realised that some of these lower strata vendors and service providers have a flourishing culture of lying about the prices. Note to those who are traveling in Delhi for first time or still not aware about these thugs.

I also met some other vendors and cycle rickshaw pullers who were quite honest and hard working. I willingly gave them a little extra in their fairs feeling that they truly deserve this for their hard work and honesty in such marketplace where dishonesty and manipulation is a common practice.


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