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Indian mythology


Indian mythology is world’s most rich source of thoughts and stories. Indian people mostly are unaware about the any mythological stories and their sources.  a section of mythologies is called Itihasa. Itihas is also the Hindi name of History subject . There are concepts of nirvana and reincarnation and whole mythology revolves around these two themes. Reincarnation is the one which is used to often explain  the cause of happenings to protagonist in many stories. They explain why this person is bad is because of his previous experience in this life or one of his previous life.

Nirvana is to main purpose around which all  main revered Gods and saints are after. So ultimately everyone having super powers or is aiming to achieve higher levels of control over natural and supernatural elements is trying to become one with ultimate consciousness or achieve nirvana, Or somehow the one who has descended from his nirvana state willingly and comes to rescue the world.


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